If you are a wholesale buyer, you need to register on the site, fill out the contact form when registering, and send a request to confirm Your status. After confirmation, you will be able to see wholesale prices on the site and place an order at these prices.

 If you ordered a product from the SALE section, after payment, a parcel will be sent to The address you specified on the next business day. 

If you ordered an item from the COLLECTIONS section, it will take us some time (depending on the size of the lot) to make it. You can make minor changes to the style of your chosen dresses for free or make significant changes for an additional fee, in agreement with the Manager. Each case is considered individually! 


 Don’t be afraid to buy dresses from the SALE section. This product is not defective and has been dry-cleaned. When you buy such a dress, you do not get an expensive fitting sample to Your salon or store, where you can take orders. We are able to sew dresses according to the measurements taken up to the standard 54 EU (60 RUS) size. We guarantee the quality and perfect fit of clothing!
I wish you and your family good health! We will be happy to cooperate!
If you have any questions: You can contact me directly: Stanislav (Viber and WhatsApp) +375-298-803-392 or write an email vip@merril.by