The site contains information about two product categories: product to order section: COLLECTIONS and available section: SALE.
This section contains information about the product that is in stock: a specific size and color. Carefully read the product information and the reason for the discount. This can be: just a discount, a seasonal discount, the elimination of the remnants of past collections, the product was used during a photo shoot, the product was once rented. In any case, you will receive the product without defects and dry-cleaned!
In this section, you can order any dress model in an affordable size and color. The production time of the dress is from 10 to 20 working days, depending on the workload of the factory (do not forget about the delivery time, this is not included in this period). If Your figure differs from the standard size, in agreement with the Manager, you can order a dress in an individual size, for an additional fee. You can also make changes to the basic model, for example, change the length of the sleeve, the length of the train, close the neckline, etc., in agreement with the Manager, for an additional fee. The cost of changes is not significant, but requires mandatory approval!!!
Algorithm of the buyer’s actions when ordering according to individual sizes and changing the style: 

1. Register on the site and fill out the contact form. 

2. Choose a dress model and place an order. 

3. Order to pay! 

4. Contact the Manager: online, email, Viber, Whatsapp. 

5. after agreeing on all questions, return to your personal account and make a payment. 

6. To wait patiently for Your order.

Good shopping!