Our story:

Designer clothing factory “MERRI” is more than 20 years old.

This is a second-generation family business with a huge team of talented employees who help us win the hearts of brides every day.

Hundreds of models of dresses for bold, stylish and delicate brides created by Natalia (designer, wife and mother)!

A welcoming workplace:

As managers, we are responsible for all our employees. Our goal is to ensure that they work in a safe and healthy environment and receive fair wages. Each new employee of the company accepts and follows the rules in such matters as mutual respect, equality, non-discrimination and harassment.

Our factory: everything is made by hand

Each dress is a separate project, which is worked on by a whole team of masters of various directions.

Our factory specializes in tailoring according to the taken measurements. You will get clothes that do not require individual fitting in specialized ateliers! Each dress has its own serial number, and it is unique. Do not be surprised by the man’s hand in the photo – it is the hand of the Director and he also knows how to sew  😉

Goal: continuous development

Computer art embroidery will complement and transform any product.

Our brand is constantly searching for new modern solutions and ideas in order to keep up with the times and follow all trends, as well as to form its own. Only the best materials and modern equipment are used in the production of dresses, so that every detail looks excellent.

Quality and control:

High quality of products is one of our company’s priorities.
Verification is carried out at the factory before shipment, dresses are compared with the approved sample by silhouette, shape, cut, also checked for compliance with size characteristics, the number of decorative details, determine the quality of the dresses themselves and fit on the figure, check the presence of lining, frequency of stitches and seam width, the correct selection of material and accessories, the presence of marking dresses and its compliance with the product.
Sewn dresses must comply with the technical documentation developed by the designer.


Our business is a part of the fashion industry that gives us jobs and makes our customers happy and beautiful.
We will be happy to cooperate with you on the most comfortable terms. The constant support of a personal Manager, special offers, and the ability to be the first to order our new collections are just a small part of what you get when you cooperate.
To see the benefits of working with our brand, you need to contact our managers.

We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Our gains: